Update on Moonrise, Sunrise & Future Projects

What took so long?

With the new update for Moonrise & Sunrise icon packs, I decided to re-design some system icons to keep it fresh, also added new icons, many alternatives and fixes to broken icons. You might be wondering why it took so long for these updates and the reason for that is, I’ve been working on many projects including 3 new icon packs. Obviously I am in no rush to finish them, as I would like to take time with each one and give them a unique feel.

If you would like to download the latest version now, below are the links to the play store:


Previews of Current Projects:

Wraith Icon Pack (There will be a vote for the name in the Google+ Community)

I have designed these icons to be exclusive on dark themed setups. They won't work well on very light backgrounds, so keep that in mind.

Colorcons Icon Pack (There will be a vote for the name in the Google+ Community)

These icons were created to fit on any type of setups, on all kinds of backgrounds. They are a bit smaller than your standard icon sizes, however they look so good you'll want to eat them like candy.

Mooncraze Icon Pack (There will be a vote for the name in the Google+ Community)

These icons were originally a dock icon set for Moonrise, however due to the popularity with the users, I have decided to make it a stand alone icon pack that will be available for free.

Experimental: Designs might get changed completely.

Alpha: Designs will have small changes.

I can’t give an estimated date of arrival for these icon packs, however I am aiming at releasing Wraith in July 2017 as a Premium Icon Pack. Minicons will also be a premium release though Mooncraze will be released for free. Mooncraze & Minicons will be released for Beta testing when I reach 200 icons for each, closed beta testing for the community members only. The beta testing for Wraith will be limited and only a few selected users will have the opportunity for testing and getting them early, the users that I trust and have been supporting me from the start will receive invitations when Wraith is ready to be tested, which will be quite soon.

Future Projects:

I am planning on making a beautiful wallpapers application for Android that will have new and unique wallpapers never seen before. I will start working on this once all 3 new icon packs are released.