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A brief look into the Android world

Android App Development in South Africa

Learning about the Android mobile operating system and what it has to offer can benefit you in many ways short and long term. This article will allow for a better understanding of the big picture that Android governs, why Android has such a massive following and what you as a fairly new or uneducated Android user can do with an Android device. There is a reason why fan boys have evidence to always back up an argument. Then again, there is a reason why people appreciate Apple, simplicity and design. Nevertheless welcome to the diverse world of technology, well, a really small part of it. 

What is Android?

Android is an operating system (OS) that runs on devices it creates support for, other examples include Linux, Windows, iOS and many more. Android is based on Linux (specifically, the Linux kernel, which is special code created to allow the software and hardware on the device to communicate with one another) and Linux is an open-source OS compared to Windows and iOS which is propriety licensed operating systems (closed-source operating systems). Anyone can go and take the Linux kernel source code and build an operating system from it, given the fact that they know how to develop. That’s the freedom Google took to make Android, the OS that’s dominating the market.

Because of its open-source nature, it allows manufacturers to tinker and customize the Android system the way they prefer for their consumers to use, besides that, the best part about it for me, is the freedom it gives users with control and personalization. This is why Android devices often receive security attacks compared to closed-source operating systems, it’s a very diverse and spread market which allows it to reach almost any type of user. Android supports thousands of tablets and mobile phones, which often is linked to security attacks due to outdated hardware and software. One must always be reminded, an old device cannot run the latest and greatest software.

What defines Android?

From my 6 years’ experience of using the Android system on many different phones, I’ve thought about the features that make Android a very attractive system to its users. These features include but are not limited to:

Google Services

These services include apps such as Gmail, Google+, Maps, YouTube and all the other Google goodies! Google has a long list of juicy apps that make life so much easier and many users love Google because of this. For a basic user, all the Google apps available is pretty much all the user would need; email, contacts, maps, browser, documents, search, cloud-storage, music, movies, games, calendar, translate, keyboard, notes, books, fitness, messengers, video calling, news, business and that’s about half or less that I can remember. And they are all absolutely free.

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