Behind the 1’s and 0’s of MSite Studio

Our Vision and Mission “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

We strive to be unrivalled in development. Being a part of new creative approaches and technologies we see in today’s world drives our team to souring heights. To contribute in shaping the online world is what we set our eyes on whilst we share knowledge and strive to lead on an international scale. Keeping our customers content on a recurring basis is of upmost importance to us. One of our main goals is to achieve %100 customer satisfaction through guaranteed quality of service and create a friendly collaborative relationship during all phases of interaction with our clients. From beginning to end and even after, we will be there with you every step of the way to ensure we deliver a quality service/product.

The Difference “To always improve, there is never a permanent final-version.”

MSite Studio offers a wide range of Information Technology related services, but so do many of our competitors.

What makes us different?

We take great concern to not limit ourselves within only the country we currently operate. Services such as web development, remote IT support and graphic design can be provided virtually anywhere in today’s fast-changing world. That is why we have also extended our services to businesses located abroad. Our team members travel to different countries often which allows us to spread our presence everywhere we go and leave our creative mark globally. This allows us to increase our reach and exposure for MSite simultaneously. We work to continuously improve, add and reinvent the services we offer. Being in sync with the constant changes and rapid developments which shape the future is what allows us to not remain static. We know how much of a hassle it is to work with multiple IT companies that provide those integral parts for your organisation, yet can’t offer all the services one would require. That’s why we are here, we want to offer a vast and complete multi-service offer of online development solutions for businesses and individuals. Sometimes we just want to give without receiving. We are enthusiastic in providing giveaways, competitions, creative content and informative content all for free to anyone landing on our website or our various other platforms. We want to help individuals and businesses succeed by providing all these services without any cost. You can expect to learn a lot from us. We like to venture into territories we haven’t established presence in, curiosity and courage drives us to achieve our vision. We are constantly and consistently looking for great ideas to implement or develop. We won’t stop innovating, improving & creating wealth for clients. This is what sets us apart from the rest.


Humble beginnings “If you do it right, it will last forever.”

Originally founded in 2005, MSite Studio offered various website development services. Progressively increasing our web development skills, we started offering more options to our customers. From basic HTML websites to advanced scripted systems, we aimed our efforts at wanting to know how to develop any website that our customers requested from us. The hunger for knowledge didn’t stop there. We expanded our services to marketing for websites specifically. That was around the time when Google was gaining momentum very quickly, so we decided to gain more knowledge on Search Engine technology/management and how they can positively impact our client’s websites. With 10 years of on-going experience with Search Engine Optimization, we have successfully led many websites to top rank positions which has increased their exposure and traffic through various search engine platforms. With our most successful being , still an on-going process to date. We still didn’t stop there. We continued to learn more strategies and techniques for marketing, offering more services to our customers such as Social Media Marketing, Mass Mailing, Newsletters and much more.

Digital Design “Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”

Simon, the creative executive of Msite Studio, started designing in 2007. Without any prior knowledge to graphics design, Simon’s passion was energetic. He gained professional skills and knowledge by staying focused and keeping up with new developments in the industry. Through the years, his skills progressed and he utilized the vast-amount of available information on the world-wide web to challenge and grow his skills. He started doing many different types of design; print work, logo design, web graphics, and much more. To this day, there is very little Simon won’t challenge himself with. He wanted to expand his skills into unknown territory. This resulted in partnering with Aleksandra, Senior Graphics team member of Msite Studio. “Her design skills are influential and allow for a unique flair in our creative works.” With Simon and Aleksandra heading design on the team, Msite Studio offers existing and new customers an exciting quality graphics design service, synchronization between website development projects and online marketing which are 3 must haves for a business to gain strong online presence.

Another Medium “Being on the go 24/7 with your clients.”

We asked ourselves, what can we do to expand the reach of our own clients and Msite Studio? That is when our team decided to venture-off into the new mobile app development frontier. Smartphones are the most used electronics today so we thought it would be necessary. We challenged ourselves to broaden our knowledge as much as we can with Android and IOS development. This provided us a great way to integrate a client’s business into the smartphone world which increases exposure, client relations and much more. Eventually our skills allowed us to offer these services to many of our customers. Though as with any service, there are always different platforms for developing. We started getting requests more frequently for mobile app development on iPhones and Android devices to bring our clients businesses to the new realm of smartphone computing.

Let’s Fix It “Leave it better than you found it.”

• Web Development
• Mobile App Development
• Online Marketing
• Graphic Design
• What next ?

We still wanted to offer more within the vast world of technology. We are constantly evolving Msite Studio to serve the needs and wants of our clients and being prepared for future technological changes. From our team’s combined skillsets, we are now able to offer IT tech support service. From hardware, repairs, backup and recovery to complete security. The team loves dealing with computer equipment, fixing issues or optimizing systems to allow our clients operations to run smoothly. We understand how computers work and what can be created with computers.

Live Capture “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Sure, we offer quite a bit, but we don’t want to stop yet. Photography and Video Production are next on our list. These services will work well together with what we already offer. We will continuously search for individuals to be apart of the Msite team which will allow us to keep up with change whilst providing superior quality and customer service to our clients.

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